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so. after finishing my photoshop work on the hook oil painting i thought i could something else from hook, and so i decided the kidnapping note from the beginning of the movie. and ive got to say, man did i have to restart this a lot

it took me 12 sheets of paper to get the right color and consistancy for it, it allways had bubbles, or tore in some places etc.
i dont wanna know how much power i used up today just switching the baking oven on and off :D

when i finally got the right method for the paper, i started to write. As my painter only prints in pink, there was the next problem, as i couldnt just simply print the note, ore else it would be, well.. pink

i printed it out on a clear sheet just as guidelines to get this straight. After that i had a long time of hand writng the letter , based on the guidelines of the clean sheet.
i thought to myself, well this is not easy, but at least its more authentic :)

i used a real feather and black ink in a glass, which i had left from my rohrshach costume, so that was good, no extra materials needed :)

working my way through the single letters, i thought it worked pretty well.

until i bumped the feather too hard, and suddenly had a big ink blot in the middle of my note.
i was about to give up and throw the whole thing away, but then i thought to myself. now you know all that can go wrong, be more carefull the next time. So, starting over, and this was gonna be it. i only printed the outlines of the first letter (which is the D, as i could never get it that symetrical free handed), and then started the letters. After 4 something hours, i finally got thorugh the whole note, now i only had to color the D, and tear and weather the edges, and it was done

one whole day of work, for a letter :)
but i think it was worth it

I need to give credit to the guys in the paper props hook thread for the great note to print out, couldnt have done it without that.
here are the pics (last one is from the back, so you can see its handwritten, and the ink ran through ;) ) :
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That turned out really great, looks sharp! Can't believe it was hand-written either!
dont give me too much credit :)

i used the printed version as guidelines, to compare and get as much resemblence as possible

hookmovies, i can make a tutorial on this one if you like, the photoshop file of the oil painting is finished anyways, and i need to get it printed and structured first to know what im doing :)

i'll probably also do the pan sword soon, but i need to figure out the best way to do so :)

Very cool. My original was handwritten then scanned in to make that print out but it was "clean" to make for a better scan. It's cool to see someone take it and turn it into a fully hand made letter. :thumbsup
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