Honey Lemon: Big Hero 6-Lab Version


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Found the perfect shoes and I just have to attempt a Honey Lemon costume this year. Due to not having much time before my Halloween deadline, I am going with the pink explosion lab version. Which I think is just fab and funny!


Her shoes in some images are lighter than others. Mine are quite yellow and I am debating on doing a light paint job on them to lighten slightly. Any suggestion? Also, if any of you have a recommendation on if it is possible to create a removable sleeve for shoes, That would Rock! I am hoping to do the Honey Lemon Superhero costume next year and was wondering if I could use these same shoes but with like a nylon sleeve to be able to interchange between costumes.

I was thinking a sewn black nylon/tights with added black elastic across the bottom and pink fabric for the other parts....It would be like a sock costume for the shoe... Just wondering if any of you have attempted this. I am on a very limited budget and love to reuse whenever possible.
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