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I’m looking to replicate the homelander costume from the graphic novels/ show. Any tips on a good place to look for fabrics?


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Kind of surprised that this or any other costume from "The Seven" doesn't have more mentions. Especially after 3 seasons! mind you.

Needless to say this is one of the best (anti-)superhero series out there atm.

I'm currently also trying to find a Homelander costume. Prices range from $50 - $2000! Worse yet each and every one of them isn't even close to screen accurate.

Just as a small example (as mentioned above) apparently nobody ever took a look at his cape.

So curious did anyone buy one of these costumes or working on one themselves? Some in-hand photos would be highly appreciated as well :)


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Also curious... the texturing on seemingly every replica suit is subpar at best unfortunately. Would love to see a truly accurate Homelander suit

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