Home Cinema/prop room concept plans - first pics of finished stuff


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so, as my capt america shield table is being worked on, i figured my cinema room/prop room/office needs to fit to it.
as its basicly empty for 1 table, a couch, a tv chair, a storage box and a cupboard, which basicly only fills 1 half of the room, heres what i imagined for the other side of the room. as said the table to the left and the brown box are there allready, everything else has to be made/bought
and as its getting cold outside, and i dont have a place to work with dangerous fumes, i need a winter project :)
i was inspired by a themed movie room i found on here, and made something similar with my own modifications for my room

so, a pic to clear up the situation :D


i will also have the top view ready soon, so stay tuned :D
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Re: Home Cinema/prop room concept plans

Very cool,,,, I'm going to start my basement cinema prop cave soon myself. Good luck
Re: Home Cinema/prop room concept plans

I'll be watching this with interest. I've always wanted to do a similar basement renovation themed around my Star Trek TOS props (centered around my Burke table and chairs). We'll see. Maybe this Spring.

Good luck!
Re: Home Cinema/prop room concept plans

thx for the interest :)

i got some building experience, learned good stuff at engineering school :D

allready made a kitchen for a friend, for less than 100 bucks (electronics not included, but provided by the owner of the flat :) i wouldve taken different stuff, but you can't argue with free stuff :D

we did this in 2 days, 2 people, built a base for the tiles, so we have step to put stuff on, also its housing the water pipes and stuff.

i gotta say, for 100 bucks, this looks pretty good :)

heres the kitchen :
well, i got something done, its slow but im poor, so theres my excuse :D

i got the table done, and i got my detolf, also decorated the big freakin wall that wasnt used :D and instead of War machine, theres a power ranger there now :D

still to do: start building the step and shelves below the screen, build the cap display table (im still waiting for my shield to get colored, its getting warm enough now :D) because i have to wait for the shield. also, i decided, because i have a green cover on my couch, this calls for a big green lantern symbol sewed on sooner or later :)

all in time, and when i have some spare money again :)

i think my mancave was never so clean :)
some pics:
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