Home Alone: Movie Props [1990-1992]


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Hey All.
I was wondering how much people would estimate the cost on a home alone collection containing the following in a frame:

  • 100% Authentic hand signed macaulay culkin photograph (with COA)
  • Replica: Wooly Apline Hat from HA1, red&white with deers on
  • Replica: x2 Turtle doves, from HA2
I was wondering if a project would be worth the efforts.


First I thought, this question was rethoric... :)

The wool hat is $20 or $30...

turtle doves... no idea, I would say a max. of $100/$120...
The problem with trying to get a higher value from these props, is that there is not a huge market for them.

The MC autograph is probably worth $30-$50
Hat $20-$30 MAYBE!
Doves $20-$30 (depending on how rare they are to find)

Even though most people like this movie, the props are not as collectable/wanted as other films like A Christmas Story or Jingle all the Way

The last days a thread popped up with the source for the wool hat, so everyone can buy this, if he/she wants...

Personally I never saw the doves, but maybe because I never looked for them.
True, the movie is cool, but the props not as famous as in other movies... Typical "not-worth-a-prop" movie.

But I like this movie, and of course if I have time and have all other props together (in15 years I think :lol), maybe I will have a look for prop of both Home alone Movies.

Mr. THX has a nice collection. I like the videotapes, the photos and the talkboy. Of course the playboy magazine can be added to the collection.
I'm sure they are worth a lot to someone who loves the movie, but less to your average run of the mill collector. Much like my A Christmas Story collection. I wouldn't let it go for under probably $1500-2k. Is it worth that much? Probably not, but that's what it is worth to me.
These props aren't extremely recognizable (unlike the Christmas story leg lamp), so the value isn't going to be as high.
I bought a set of those doves for $5.00 on eBay to give as a present last year. So they are not too rare.
Okay thanks Guys, #That concludes my question. :)

I suppose the value it personally has to me is most important unless obviously selling for a profit, hehe. Anyway my question is where can I purchase an authentic autograph from macaulay culkin? Most sites are fakes.

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