Holy Sh*tgun!


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WIP, a flippant riff on Constantine's Holy Shotgun:

Shotgun_01b.jpg Shotgun_02b.jpg Shotgun_03b.jpg Shotgun_04b.jpg

Shotgun_05b.jpg Shotgun_06b.jpg


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I can't remember, does anything get fired out of the side barrels? :lol
No, on the original prop they're plugged I believe. Would have been cool though. Two demons coming in from sides, third from the front, have all three get blasted at the same time
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Done for now:

Shotgun_20151112_06c.jpg Shotgun_20151112_03c.jpg Shotgun_20151112_05c.jpg

It could use more detailing/distressing; however, I'm going to stop meddling with it before I make it worse.

See you at CONJuration!
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