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Holy grail --Indiana jones and the Last crusade

Sold for 98.00 EUR - Out of Stock
Update: december, 7 2021

In stock item, ready to ship


For the sale some grails available from me. This is a SA replica that matches the shape, the color an
pátina of the hero version and the Lucasfilm archives prop. This is a handmade replica and the gold
(dusty and aged) is patched in the best and most accurate way I can make to make you feel to have
the original one. Mix resin and stone/ceramic powder.

Comes with a certificate signed by me, as always.


Important :Those pics are showed as reference
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Hi there. I'd be keen to know the price.

I previously bought another one online and it just didn't match the film's shape, height and weathering, so I'd be interested in buying one of yours.


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Oh, I forgot to mention that it can be bought by clicking in the upper button. The buy button is now active. Still available.
But if anyone wants another, no problem to make more.

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