Hollywood studios fighting back against websites like MovieTube

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Moviefreak, Jul 25, 2015.

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    I'm honestly shocked anyone finds the stuff out of Hollywood worth stealing lol. There isn't one movie out in the last 20 years that is even remotely worth the risks.
  3. cboath

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    I'd say it's a little less than smart on their part. I get the reason why they're doing it, but, what they just did is announce the function service to a substantially larger audience as this article will be picked up by many major outlets.

    Of course it's stealing, but i have a feeling they're going to dredge up the old RIAA bs - piracy is the only reason we're not making as much as we think we should...
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  4. batguy

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    Big corporations never make smart decisions when faced with piracy issues. It demands compromising with consumers who are in a position of some slight amount of power, which is a foreign concept to a huge corp. If they do anything showing brains then it probably took 10+ years of failed stupid moves first.
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  5. cboath

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    I think it took the RIAA 15 years :) Then again, they'er dumber than most :)
  6. AJTaliesen

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    On one hand, I'm totally against this kind of piracy and glad to see them doing something.

    On the other hand... As VFX artist who has spent the last few years watching Hollywood ship each and every last CG job overseas to the lowest bidder, seeing them suffer because other countries don't always play by the same rules is strangely gratifying.
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    The flipside of that is surprise that anyone actually pays for the stuff in the first place.

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