Holly Crap!- The Galactica

phase pistol

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Spectacular work!

Take that, Sci Fi Channel!

They never get the right typeface for the "GALACTICA" on the side tho...

And what of that open section in the bottom of one of the landing bays? I never noticed that before!

- K


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I remember now seeing that hole as a kid and thinking it was a cool detail - I never thought about what it might be for.

I'm guessing it's a docking bay for larger craft.

Did they make models of this when we were kids?
I never saw one.


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That "hole" on the bottom of the landing bay was not on the original -- that was something he made up.

I admire anyone who tackles a project like this because it could be one of the most challenging subjects to recreate. But his claim about including "all of the hard to find model parts" is far from accurate -- most of his detailing is scratchbuilt or cobbled together to look like original parts.