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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by SurferGeek, Mar 31, 2006.

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    Recent acquisition via Ebay:


    Here's the one that sold on PIH recently, notice that the screencap shows that the pot originally was quite shiny chrome but over the years from storage and lack of cleaning it's in the condition shown in the color picture.


    Now I just need to source the red light and the speaker material. It almost seems similar to the material that was used on the Star Trek comm panels. I realize that it's not exact... most notable are the rivets on the feet of the pot and the very slight difference in the up turned portion of the wood handle.
  2. micdavis

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    I would love one of those.

    The light looks to be the same type used in countless light panels in all those 60's show.

    Twelve of them reside in the belly of the Lost in Space robot. You seem to need a red one wth no fixture. Send me you address I'll shoot you one.

    From my robot site.


    The robot ones have a fixture that the bulb cover screw into. The original pot looks like it has just the cover.

    Possible grille material here.


    Check it out.
  3. KevVader

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    Very cool......one of my favourite shows from my childhood.....
  4. Apollo

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    I love it.

    Post a Pic when you are done.
  5. SurferGeek

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    Thanks for the comments... Mic, I've sent a PM and thank you for the offer and the links. I'm sure I'll be able to track something down speaker cloth wise. As for posting pictures? Sure, it's right behind a huge box of other WIPs... ;)
  6. JHVanOphem

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    I bet its almost trivial to make it a working one as well.

    Now to get the pic of Hitler with a microphone embedded for the other end...
  7. burningman

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    That rocks..I've always loved that show....
    Keep us posted.
  8. mobius303

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    What a cool project idea...and not all that hard to Track down the stuff for it.
  9. kdawg1

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    Yep, I think your right with that light Mike, right size and those things were every where in the 60's. You got to show us photos when finished that is very cool.
  10. SurferGeek

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    I wish I had a few episodes on DVD as I'd be interested to know if the pot was seen with the top glass piece on it. I can't recall for certain and it's not visible in the cap from PIH.

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