Hobby shops in Japan


I’m sorry I’m late to this thread, I live in Osaka and know all the best model shops there. Here are the ones I recommend, PM me if you want more info:

Admski: This is my favourite one, located in the basement floor of Namba City Department store. The best place for older classic models, everything is 2nd hand and what is on offer frequently changes. Often a lot of old AMT kits for Star Trek and Star Wars. My best find here was a 1/72 Finemolds Slave 1 only $60.

Electronic Stores - Joshin, Edion, Yamada Denki: I’m lumping these together as often their products are identical. Edion is my favourite of the 3, as their flagship store in Namba has some great painted models on display and looks all modern inside. Any big branch of these will have new Bandai kits, Tamiya/Hasegawa and paints etc. Joshin Nipponbashi is also a good location.

Mandarake, Jungle: Mandarake has branches in Umeda and Nipponbashi, Jungle is close by in Nipponbashi. Both stores sell second hand models, figures and other collectibles.

Generally, Nipponbashi is the most concentrated area of stores. I much prefer it to Akihabara, as it has less tourists snapping things up and it’s less spread out so it’s easier to check up on all the good places one after another and not waste time.

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