Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes

Paul Griffith

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Hey everyone. I'm a little new to costume making and wanted to see if you guys had any tips.

I'm hoping to do a Hobbes costume from Calvin & Hobbes. The costume itself should be easy enough, but the face/mask is where I'm lost. I'm hoping to keep it as cartoony as possible but still be able to smile, change your facial expression, etc... The fuzzy white cheeks would be great too!

Any ideas you pros could throw me? Not sure if I should go with a full out mask or 100% makeup or the right in-between.

I found some latex "jungle cat" noses that could be painted, worth a shot or?

Thanks in advance!


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I would stay away from makeup on this one. Hobbes has such a distinct look, and if you used makeup, it would probably just look like a generic tiger.

Thats all I got. By the way, great costume idea!!!!! Now all you need is a blond six year old and a neighbor girl called susie!!!!!!