Hitman Silverballer VCR and engraving

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    AMT_Hardballer_Render.png IMG_20150504_151408.JPG
    Hi guys so after replayingall the hitman games I have had a renewed interest in the franchise and want to make the silerballers. I don't have much money and with the vice act stopping me from having realistic guns (black or silver) I'm not going to pay £100 plus for a blue gun, plus the expensive ones have engravings on the side and I need a blank slide for the hitman engraving.
    so with the slide being a zinc alloy could I take it to a normal engraver and have them add the hitman details?
    My other question is with the New VCR act how much will I need to have a stupid colour to take it out for Halloween (I had a similar question the other year but that was for a papercraft gun) if I had the guns full silver but did the silencers in bright orange and had them permanently fixed to the gun would it be enough to make it okay? I'm actually looking for a toy gun which doesn't take any ammunition for when I take them out and just have the exact ones for display on my wall
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    Etch it. See the Umarex boys forum for details. Lots have been made there.

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