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This isn't strictly a movie replica issue, but it's possibly something people here will find interesting.

I need to come up with a uniform for a made-up military unit. What I'd like to end up with is a jacket in grey, black trousers (er, pants, americans) for the guys, black skirt for the girls. Something rather like what was done for Starship Troopers, although perhaps without the enormous lapels.

Ordinarily, I'd just go out and buy it all off the shelf, and dress it up with rank insignia, unit markings and so on. Most of it can probably be bought off the shelf; the problem is that I need somehow to obtain one jacket cut for a girl and one for a guy, in an identical fabric, and in a style that's both military, and similar enough that they look like part of the same uniform scheme.

Getting a girl's jacket and a guy's jacket in the same fabric is a surprisingly difficult problem, let alone one that looks right. The following solutions have occurred:

- Rent. Most places want to base it off existing military uniforms, often WW2 German stuff, and they don't usually have the ladies' version.

- Rework existing uniforms. This means antiques or tailored replicas. These are not things we want to pay a fortune for, then destroy for this.

- Go to the corporate apparel people. I can't find anyone who does anything in a suitably military style or the right colour.

- Build it or have it built. Hideously expensive, since this is full blown tailoring and our girl needs to look good.

I'm rather short on ideas. Can anyone think of any other options?


You should have no problem finding something at a big military surplus store that's inexpensive enough to buy several sets as needed (hero, stunt, pre and post chest-burster, spare etc.) - one example: - Uncle Sams Army Navy Outfitters

Something to think about: if you're looking for production design for something in the future, rather than try and extrapolate from contemporary designs, go retro. European or Asian if possible for an unexpected look.

Besides, it seems like most services current version of Class "A"s is "your cleanest set of BDUs".
That's not a bad thought - I'm in the UK, and that place seems to have more UK gear than places here do! Not that surprising, given that there's what, three people in the UK military these days. One per service...

Depends what they've got, I guess. It does need to be something fairly formal-looking, for complex reasons of production design (we have other scenes where they're in combat gear). Ladies' stuff still seems in short supply.

There is the additional problem of colour. This fictional outfit isn't supposed to be a conventional military. If you put them in green, they look like the army. if you put them in blue, they look like the air force. Black or white looks like the navy. Hence I went for grey, in which case they start looking like Germans, but...

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I lucked out - someone on ebay had some German army stuff with the same basic outfit in his and hers versions. It's a fairly nondescript design of military jacket, but unusually it's in grey and has coloured piping around the collar and epaulettes.

Now I just have to hope the sizes I could get will be alterable to whoever the hell ends up wearing it... and I have to figure out how to make it look as little like German army uniform as possible!

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