Highlander sword replica, taken from original screen used sword

heres my reproduction of the actual screen used prop used by Sean Connery in the first film, the saya is wood wrapped in heavy guage leather with a burgandy wash, i had to dremmel out the slot for the knife, the metal fittings were hand poured bronze by me, cut and fit to the saya. the blade is SS for the first test... the tsuba is solid bronze... the handle is a casting taken from the actual screen used prop that is owned by Thomas Mulack, the handle is much better than most people gave credit for, the handle was white with an offwhite color wash so i replicated that... this is a basic test run, i bought a new 2500 layer folded blade that i will make a filmesque sword (like the film wanted it to be)




Really beautifully done. It was the best of the Highlander Katanas and you've done an exquisite job.

Nice buy Iceman1592
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