Highlander original Season one handle with COA

so a dream came true a few weeks ago... remember kids, if you dream really hard, word hard and eat all your veggies... dreams do come true :)

this is the last existing Season one that was made by Sal but never purchased by production... its beautiful and ready for me to mount, with that came the tsuba and the COA from Sal...

so any questions? its in hand, no guessing any more :)


It looks identical to his Musashi tsuka except it's more yellow and is shinier. It looks like it was cast from the same mould but with a different resin.
its a differant handle, not a musashi, the musashi was made from this handle, and this was the show production resin, thats why the paint scheme was differant from teh film to teh musashi... there are at least 25 differant things between this handle adn the musashi...
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