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Starting my first costume build and my first post on the RPF. Awed at the talent out there. Have always wanted the armor the 2nd age Elves wear in the prologue to FOTR. IVe no clue how to do plastic/sintra, and am on a budget.... Saw some linoleum at a thrift store last week for 8 bucks and was like, hmmmmmm. So here's my progress so far.
Picked up some garden plastic hose, and am using that for the edging. It's a little stiff to work with, but once glued in place, I think it should be really strong.
Some painting of the pauldrons... This part got me really excited! Will post when the next section is complete.
image.jpgOk, here's our progress so far. Got it pretty much fitted... Need to tighten the pleather stitching that runs down the sides. It feels really good to move around in. Not like plate armor at all. This really moves with your torso. Being made out of linoleum, it feels strong and battle worthy. (Although against an Uruk scimitar I think I'll pass...) next to cut out the skirt.
Thanks! Yes, the helmet is UC. I'm having a hard time matching the colors to the helmet. It blends from green to gold seamlessly, like its airbrushed. I don't have access to an airbrush system... But so far I'm surprisingly pleased!
Yeah it looks great so far.. What i've learned from miniature painting is that You can create the same effect by using glazes. I think that would be a hell of a lot of work on this scale though... I'm trying to pick up a the UC helmet myself but it's really hard to het unfortunately and I dont have the skills yet to make a replica myself. Maybe someday
Oh, my word! Linoleum!?
Does it heat form?
Now I really want to try making something out of linoleum!

This looks great! Welcome to the RPF!
Amazing! What kind of paint did you use? Did it need sealing, and can it bend without rippling?

I know the feeling of deciding you have to have a suit of elf armor. I made a 2nd age suit out of craft foam after my brother and I got worked up talking about how awesome the Silmarillion and Nightfall in Middle Earth. That was my first costume as well.
Thanks for the welcome! Long time stalker of the RPF! I didn't heat anything, as far as the linoleum goes. It just bent into place and held in position with itself, especially with the garden hose. I'd be nervous to try to heat it up, but maybe someone else knows about that? It bends really well without ripping. It's super hefty and strong. I was wanting some kind of material that could take some punishment 'in the field,' and this seems to be it! I just used three layers of acrylic paints from the craft store; a dark green base, then a light green, then some gold. I've yet to do the weathering. Here's a picture of the back, as requested. Not finished with the leather part yet, but it'll give you the gist of the build.
This is one of the coolest armor sets I've seen. The linoleum sounds excellent for this purpose, too, and looks great. Is there any reason not to use it, that you can tell so far?
I don't think so... It's tough, pliable, and doesn't rip. And it only cost me 8 bucks to do all the pieces. Of course, it was a thrift store find, but I'm sure there's lots of discarded rolls out there if one searches. I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to trying different armor sets with this in the future.
Just curious--did you have to sand the linoleum first or did the paint just stick right on there? Any problems with chipping?

It looks beautiful, by the way. I am very excited to see it weathered!
Hi, no sanding required. The backside of linoleum soaks up paint like cardboard does. And I haven't seen any chips yet. Here's a picture of the skirt lames drying and awaiting assembly. image.jpg
Yeah, this is an awesome material find....I think I know what I'll be using to build my upcoming Nazgul gaunts and sabatons. I might even try to build a set of Mandalorian armor, to go with my Sintra versions. Thanks for sharing! :)

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