Hi diddle-diddle, time for a Riddle ? (A.C. Riddler Cane build )


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While walking down the street I met a man. He tipped his hat and drew his cane and in this riddle I told his name. What is the mans name?

Nick here, with another fun build, The Riddler's Cane from Arkham City !

Not familiar with The Riddler ?... allow me....

Batman: Arkham City Riddler Trailer - YouTube

So weird enough about this cane is the look, more squared off than previous versions. And it is wider than it is in profile.... first hurdle was finding full pics of the cane...which is hard to do. but I managed

Here is what we're shooting for....


Here we find ourselves after some photoshop measuring...


moving on to tracing, into MDF.


then into cutting, now I started with a jigsaw and then moved to a scroll saw to even out the edges....


so from this point I need to construct the middle and bottom portions, and then work on detail work from there.

updates to follow....

nick daring

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I think the thickness of the question mark is off in one spot in your plans.


The vertical part on the left should be the thinner size like the the other two lengths that curl around.

You have it where the left side is the thicker thickness of the question mark.

Can't wait to see this come together.



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Hrmm good catch , I hadn't noticed that .... Luckily it's an outside edge, so I can just hit it with the belt sander to shave it down.


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Can't wait to see this finished. Riddler is my favorite Batman villain, possibly favorite overall villain so I'm going to be watching this very closely.


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Marked for fixes, slimming down the side, marking out the handle measurements as well.


trying to decide whether or not the spiral grip sticks out or is engraved..... any thoughts ?



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wow this is a great prop! my fave character from AC is the riddler and i really want to make his cane so i will be following this build. i have a feeling that the spiral grip sticks out. hope this helps!
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