HGA & N-Filter for Proton Packs


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I been working on these two for awhile

Now I feel some what relieved I'm allmost finished :p

These are natoriously known as the Nuclear Filter and HGA on the Proton Pack of the Ghostbusters




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Looking good.

Where did you get the hose from? I've been looking for that for ages...


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I got the hose from a distributer of clippard

Usually local industrial supply's carry or can order tubing and valves


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I just got tired of scratch building it every time I needed one

So I took my time and made a good one and molded it in silicone so it could be resin cast


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Thanks man

I was doing a cool experiment last night, I just got bored I guess

Any way, I took and poored the HGA mold half way, then took a cap to spraypaint, and placed it in the resin with the opening down, then poored it the rest of the way full, wich makes it hollow cast, it did make a big difference, saved me alot of material and weight

I'm gonna try it with the N-filter today, I am just itching to finish my Pack up :eek: :eek

Thats if I can quit feeling like crap, think we got a nasty cold going around here