Hey Peppers - foam or paper?


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So, I'm just breaking into Pepakura. I've started one foam project, then back tracked to get more comfortable with just the overall process and am working some paper models. I've decided I'm comfortable try the resin and bondo method for making armor and will eventually, but I'm finding most of the patterns for armor are all foam. I'm wondering, from experienced peppers, which is preferred, paper or foam? I'm still working on getting my angled cuts in the foam for better seams, so I was thinking I work on paper stuff until I get better at them, but it seems paper patterns for most suits is rare.

I guess I'm just looking for feedback on the pros and cons of paper (with resin/bondo) versus foam (with, whatever to finish it - the threads all seem to have a variety of ideas on foam finishing). Also, if one finds a foam file, is it as simple as adding the 'view tabs' back to the print to try it on paper (assuming all the parts are there and not gone for depth)? Thanks for your thoughts and feedback everyone. I'm trying to learn and figure it out. Lots of videos and reading. Possibly too much now and starting to get confused on some stuff...


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After building a couple of helmets and face pieces with paper Pep, I imagine that for items like whole body armor etc, it would be much easier to use foam. At least from a work & time perspective.

I'm sure there are people with much more experience that me who can share their thoughts here too.


It all depends on what you are building.... For intricate highly detailed pieces, card is easier same for pieces that need to have strength in them (resin and bondo/rondo) foam is good for a lightweight alternative but will require a bit more work to add detail work to it.

In order to return a foam pep into a paper pep you will have to find the other sections that have been discarded (zoom out till you see the pile of bits off to the left of the paper square) these are usually back sections and side sections as the thickness of the foam means you don't need all the pieces. You may also have to disjoin faces to make it build able since foam templates are just that templates like a sewing pattern
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