Hey, Airbrushers! Advice needed for ALCLAD use...

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by klinsek, Apr 16, 2005.

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    Hey all.

    I am just about finished prep work on a fiberglass Fett helm.

    I am curious if I can do the following using ALCLAD paints. Please let me know if anything in my planned steps are incorrect or may cause issues.

    Sorry for the length of this, I just wanna cover all points and cut back on the "D'oh."s. ;)

    1) Helm primed, sanded and cleaned up.

    2) Base coat of black matte.
    Q: ALCLAD directions suggest this step, is it really necessary?? If so can I just use Krylon acrylic spray-paint?)
    Correction: Black Gloss, thanks guys

    3) Coat of ALCLAD silver paint...2nd if necessary. Let stand 48hrs.

    4) Lightly polish areas that will show through on completion. Mask off dent, distressed areas and scratch areas with liqui-mask and tape.

    5) Mask off areas which will receive different color schemes, except for the Fett color I am currently painting onto the helm.
    Q: This is the step I really need help on. Will my green and maroon airbrush paints I am using for the Fett colors BLEND with (don't want that), or totally COVER the ALCLAD coat underneath?

    6) After paint/dry phases for each color in step 5, remove masking and liqui-mask done in step 4 revealing silver base coat. Use ALCLAD dabbed sponge tip to "scratch" up other areas.

    7) "Dirty" the helm up using a fine black mist in accent areas, let dry and give top finish with Krylon Clear Matte spray.

    Sound good? Any tips or edits are most welcome. Thanks, for reading. :)
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    I thought it required a GLOSS black undercoat? Matte paint has a fine sandy texture, that could ruin your finish??? If you search the RPF prop forum, there was a detailed discussion of ALCLAD usage a long time ago. . .
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    Yes, you need to use gloss black as the base coat. An Enamel based gloss black, ALCLAD sells bottles of pre thinned gloss black for your base coat.

    Spray very light coats of Alclad, wait to dry and add another. The instructions should be on the bottle. You should not need to polish the silver paint, I have used the chrome and no polishing was needed.

    If you have some scrap fiberglass try painting it first. The blending should not happen, but practice on the scrap piece just to be safe.

    What brand of paints are you using and what brand of liquid mask? I have discovered that some brands of paint and liquid mask don't react well.
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    Thanks guys for correcting me on the gloss black base coat.

    I have a few "Golden" paints and most of the rest are "Doc Martens". The latter is all my local Pearl Art store has had carried lately.

    What type of liquid-mask would you reccomend? I have yet to buy any so I am open for suggestions.


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