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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by batgrayson, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. batgrayson

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    Hey I have been looking for a good deadpool suit for a while and I stumbled upon Heroes in Tights and while their stuff looks high quality I have seen people get burned from companies and I as just wondering if any one has had any dealings with them and if so were you pleased?
  2. Bonded Hawk

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    My wife had good luck on a Catwoman costume. It was a couple of years ago.

    Good luck
    Bonded Hawk
  3. batgrayson

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    Thank you Yeah I was also looking at getting one of the superman suits they have not sure which one yet lol.
  4. Gee2


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    Try checking some of the reviews at the LOH and SCF websites; from what I've seen they had some good and some bad.
  5. batgrayson

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    Thank you I will check out those websites
  6. bigtrev503

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    Whooooa. Never buy anything from this seller! Sorry for necro posting, but I just want it to be known that he just buys his stuff from china and sends it to you for five times what he paid for it. Then he claims that he made it himself. He even goes so far as to use pictures of awesome stuff from the internet and then send you crap that looks nothing like the stolen picture.

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!
  7. TotallyAquaman

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    I agree.
    If your looking for something good check out Superhero costumes store | fancy super hero costume ideas for party
    There stuff is also imported from China but it's extremely fairly priced and they also take custom orders.

    A lot of their stuff is very basic but excellent as a base, Airbrushing and adding things to the suits are very easy. Great customer service too.

    This is for people with lower budgets or not the best craftsmanship skill.

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