Hero TK helmet paint?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by OldKen, Aug 20, 2015.

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    I've had a styrene "hero" helmet kit for a while trimmed out and sitting there... While I wish it was made like the real screen used heros, out of ABS... It's a nice looking sharp casting.

    I know Keith used to have a method for this, but was wondering what others thoughts on making styrene LOOK like ABS... Or close to it...

    I've painted a few "stunt" helmets and a full set of armor with rattlecans, and I know I can get great results with wet sanding, polishing etc.

    BUT... I have access to a paint booth, and a friend who loves to try painting new and different things...

    Any thoughts on car paint for something like this?

    Color etc?

    Or just gloss white rattlecan and polish???
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  2. ABE

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    try with automotive paint and after apply clear coat, my lonewolf helmet was painted on this way, and looks like ABS
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    I would suggest using white appliance epoxy paint. I built a rebel fleet trooper helmet a few years ago and it was one TK560's and made of styrene. The appliance epoxy paint is designed for painting stuff like fridges and laundry machines, but between the white and black paints they have, you can get a REALLY nice shine out of them and it's a very durable paint, that to my experience doesn't yellow at all.

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    ive always used the rustoleum professional enamel gloss white on buckets ive built. 400 grit wetsand, 1 light coat cheap primer, 3 coats white, and 5 days drying time in my "dry box" which is a storage ottoman with a bunch of silica gel packets in it lol.

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