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Jim Tumblin is selling most of his GONE WITH THE WIND pieces April 18th at Heritage. These pieces can be seen online from numerous images of his successful traveling exhibit, but there are a few minor issues:

Lot 89011 The Gable stripped pants were made for IDIOT’S DELIGHT.

Lot 89012 The Gable period blue coat has nothing to do with GWTW nor ***** TONK as claimed.

Lot 89018 The Jerry James “extra” coat was made for another actor a few years before GWTW, so reuse is possible; the pants, however, are from the 1970s.

Lot 89019 This Jerry James owned jacket was made years after GWTW.

I informed staff there two weeks ago and posted the above on the OPB. I am told they are "working on it" but I don't understand what that means, so just in case others are looking at these pieces, I post it here.

EDIT: The software here will not allow the name of the 1941 film for politcally correct (or incorrect) reasons. It is this one:

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As of today, 24 hours before online bidding ends, only the Gable IDIOT'S DELIGHT pants have been corrected. It seems doubtful the more serious GABLE coat will be. Possibly, they will make an oral addendum seconds before it's offer that will be too late for written, catalog and other absentee bidders.

The day I posted the above, I did get this email from them:

Haven’t forgot about your GWTW corrections which *I* know are correct – you’ve never steered me wrong. This is just an FYI for you!

In the mists of all of this, they then burdened me with four "drive by" authentications over the few days following that. For those unaware, I used to work for them, and even after getting better employment elsewhere three years ago, I continued to help until I felt abused by them, in using me to ID pieces not being offered for auction, and stopped completely last year. With the first three drive bys, I responded and sent documentation of support. Stupid me. On the fourth request, after weeks of the GWTW pieces being ignored, I got fed up and sent an image of the actor wearing the garment in question, without film identification, and got a bit of a tongue lashing.

No good deed...:facepalm
UPDATE GABLE COAT: Within an hour or so of the sale the title was changed on the page. A bit later, the description, and just minutes before the sale the online listing that is the page they use during the Live Auction. Better late than never. It did well as being 'unknown' selling to the big buyer, so far, for $4750 with commission.

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