Here is my Pulp Fiction collection as of now!


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This collection started off with the red apple cigarettes. It was a project that I had always wanted to do, but never got around to doing. Well after I finished those I was at an antique store and saw a bucket of keys. so like any normal person I spent a while looking for the most accurate keys possible and thats what i came up with. certainly has room for improvement but its good enough for me! Jules gun is just an airsoft 1911 made by WE. then I got some pearl grips off of ebay. The final item i am looking for to feel complete is the trench watch given to Butch. I found a guy at the local flea market who said he might have one back at home and that he will bring it next time. Fingers crossed!
Yes that might be something i make later on down the line as well as the BMF wallet. still havent done that suprisingly

Yeah the wallet is one I'd like to add to my PF collection, too. I have no idea how to make one and the ones that are out there all look incredibly inaccurate.

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