Here comes the Jason's machete! (Friday the 13-th)


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Hello friends! Halloween has passed and here is a results. Short three days project of Jason Voorhees machete making. It should be safe and lightweight. So here we go!

I used PVC plastic sheet to cut out the main form. I decided to use three layers of plastic glued together to prevent the easy bending of the prop while you swing it.

For the handle I took some thin MDF material and transfered the form of the handle on it. Then cut it out, clip together and sanded to make both sides of the handle similar to each other. And glued to the base using hot glue.

Then sanded all the piece. Giving to the handle more rounded shape and make it fit to the hand.



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Next step was toning the wood into the red wood color, drilling holes and gluing the rivets.
???? 28.10.15, 21 12 26.jpg???? 28.10.15, 21 12 31.jpg???? 28.10.15, 21 21 21.jpg

Then priming machete black, some sanding and few coats of chrome silver paint. So it became to look like real metal one.
???? 28.10.15, 22 22 07.jpg???? 28.10.15, 23 27 34.jpg

And the final step on this stage is wrapping the handle with medical plaster. I also sanded the rivets a little to remove metal shining.
???? 29.10.15, 16 43 17.jpg


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Digging the paint job!

Looks like it will certainly hack some one apart!


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For wathering I used just mix of black and brown acrylic paint with water. And matte varnish polyurethane spray.

After drying I splashed some latex blood over all stuff. It looks pinkish while it wet, but when it dries it becomes red.
???? 29.10.15, 18 16 08.jpg???? 29.10.15, 18 16 02.jpg
???? 29.10.15, 18 52 55.jpg???? 29.10.15, 18 53 09.jpg

And that's all, folks!
2015-10-29 19-59-04.jpg2015-10-29 19-58-52.jpg