Henry Rollins outfit from FEAST


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Henry Rollins screen worn outfit from the movie FEAST (2005)


This is actually my first screen used item from a movie. I posted one of my other props earlier in the month seeing I didn't have this one ready to display. Finally went and picked up a mannequin today. Now I've caught the bug and just want to buy more and more... Hope I win the lottery soon lol
yeah I love Feast. I still need to build a base for it seeing the one that came with the mannequin goes up through the foot and there's no way I'm drilling through the shoe
I love Feast and that reality series that spawned it. I'll have to watch it again because the only thing I remember is Judah Friedlander screaming that he is upper-case fk-ed. :lol
Yeah I loved Project Green Light. Wish they would have kept doing them. It was great watching them make the movie and all the things that go into it.
I love the first installment ! The end when she shoves her arm down the creatures throat to Kill it was epic. She looked great doing it to :)
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