Hemet VDU graphics


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Hey guys, can I have your help and ideas please on what to put in my VDU predator helmet? ... here are some screen shots so everyone understands what I'm doing! .... I have a camera mounted on my pred helmet, this feeds a laptop where I can overlay images and graphic data on it, what I need from everyone is the style and layout of these graphics?? Your ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

All graphics are glowing, it's just the style .... predator and predator 2 had different VDU graphics, AVP and AVP 2 also have different graphics. I also have the pred fonts so can change the text from english to pred easier enough. I would have love to have used an apple camera running photo both and its thermal camera effect, that would have been the best, but am using a standard IR camera.

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Any of those three images would be excellent. I can't believe the amount of detail you're putting into this project -- it's going to be a killer system.

Out of those three pictures, the second one with the infrared body effect looks like it would make the most sense for a casual human viewer. Maybe a true Yautja hunter would make more sense out of the first or third ones, but for us humans, the second one proves the point in the most jaw-dropping-inducing way.

Oh, and some Yautja text on either side of the screen would be cool. I don't know what kind of output you get from the IR camera or from any other sensors, but some dynamic display based on how much the target is moving, how close the target is, or something similar, would look really awesome.


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Holy crap this is going to be ridiculous. I vote for the second screen, the true Pred vision look. Keep us updated on this please, buddy!


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Well guys, a bit of an update, I have found a filter that runs as a thermal camera, have also bought the Aliens vs Predator PS3 game and have decided to use the graphics there as a template for the VDU, will post some pics of the filter soon .... thanks for your comments guys!


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Lookin good, I'm actually doing the same thing with my bio-mask, take a look at the thread titled My Bio-Mask Sculpt, to see the supples needed to install the camera and monitor, and more to have a truly realistic mask! Keep up the work and i'm sure it'll be top notch!

A link to another site where I just uploaded the pictures of the electronics needed is found...