HeMan 31" (Custom FIgure)


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Again me fulfilling my kid dreams. When I was 10 I ask my mon for a He-man and in her best way possible got me a bootleg figure. In Colombia at that time wasn't easy to get imported goods so the real deal was only for the richest. I loved my bootleg I made for it many new weapons shields and armors but I had that empty space for a real He-man. After many years and living in USA I finally decided to buy a real He-man but apparently, I and many more people wanted the same thing so the prices were crazy. That is when I saw in now-defunct toys r us the 31" Jakks WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin and immediately thought on building my own He-man.

I created a fast photoshop.
Heman transformation.jpg

First I need it to find a new head. Thanks to a friend that prefer to stays anonymous I got a spectacular 3d model a mix between reality and cartoon he-man. If you know the name of the modeler I will love to give him the credits of this awesome model.

I 3d print the head about 20% bigger so I had to reprint again.

Now started working in the patterns for the armor and belt I still indecisive about what detail will go on He-man.
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By the power of Grayskull!! Creepy, but unique :lol:. Are you printing the cod and boots or are you using fur or some sort of imitation fur? Can't wait to see the sword.


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The printed head looks great!

I am sure the completed figure will eat up much of the space of your room. I would be glad to adopt your Muffit on the shelf, just sayin'..! ;) :D
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The body needs more muscleonios (steroids, steroids) but damn, that printed head turned out fantastic!


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Any updates on this?

head is still amazing!

What are you planning on doing with the 'knee pads'?