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Hey Im new here and I've seen all the amazing props people have made but there all pretty costly and I would like to make my own props for fun but I could use some help on what would be a good start and cheap


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well...what are you into?
or better, what do you want to make / own?

I think it's senseless to say "you can make this and that", and it could happen that you don't like the movie the prop is taken from, or don't even know it.

the other thing, especially as you want it to be cheap, is: what are your...hmm, how can i say it. circumstances? do you have tools, do you have enough space to build and store your props (depending on how big they are/ will be), and what about material? for example, do you have access to scrap wood or something, or would you have to buy everything?

IMHO, you cant just ask "what can/should i build?". you should think about "what do i WANT to build?", and then think about how to do this


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There are a bunch of master prop builders and sculpters on this site. IMO, you should look to members for guidance, such as Volpin or Matsuo.

Volpin's talents for turning MDF into awesome props is well documented.

Matsuo on the other hand is a master craftsman of resins and turns out some fine props as well.

Search for their project threads for inspiration. Then take what tools you have available and get to work.


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Well I'm really into captain america, thor, green lantern, and would actually like to make my own cusstom superhero suit but im not good with that kinda stuff

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Check out the Costume section of the forum and start reading up on what others have done.
There are also some threads on how to sew in that section.

Do your homework and things go a lot easier.
This comes in handy as well.

And remember we learn by doing.;)
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