Help with Ultimate Captain America costume??


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Hi there!

I'm new to the forums, and new to costuming as well, and I'm currently working on an Ultimate Captain America costume. There's a checklist I made when I decided I wanted to make this costume. That checklist is:

[X] Helmet
[] Costume Top
[X] Pants (royal blue baseball pants)
[] Gloves
[] Boots
[X] Belt
[X] Pouches

I'm working on a budget here, and trying to just get what I can, so any and ALL advice would be welcome, ESPECIALLY on the top portion of the costume.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hey I found some great boots and gloves and a place that does molded rubber body armour. I'll post links in a bit.
I am also creating a cap costume... I can steer you toward some stuff I found for the gloves, boots and top...

Xtreme Design Fx They will do custom work to create the scales/muscles (if you need them) and they also do helmets/cowls

Tough Gloves Ultra™ Enforcer Leather Gauntlets

These are closer to the original Cap design (which I am working on) but they would also work for ultimate Cap (the also do them in wrist length, so you can ad custom gauntlets to them.

Dr. Martens R11855600 14 Eye Cherry Red Smooth 1914 Boots | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA

These are the best looking boots I found for "Ultimate Cap" and I will probably use these (maybe with a modification to the top)

What are you using for the belt/pouches and helmet?
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