Help with Sweet Tooth costume


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I have a really awesome Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) mask on the way, and I'm going to attempt to make an accurate as possible costume to go with it. I am having trouble figuring out a couple parts on the leather harness. Specifically the connector parts.
sweet tooth circled.png

If anybody could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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i would say, at least for the connectors around the center belly ring, use needle and thread to actually connect the leather together than make a simple box with 3d printing or out of some thin eva foam that you paint up and for the rivets you could probably find a button or nail/screw that has the right size. at least thats what i would do myself.

division 6

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Metal tube stock , channel stock or 2 pieces of L stock.
Or if you have access to a brake of even a vice, just get some flat stock and bend it.

Some of the other bits you can get at Tandy or even the hardware store.


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From the photo it looks like a ranger belt turned 90 degrees. I know tandy has a ranger belt kit, that may get you started. I believe it's all precut and prepunched, but you can always modify the attachments of that smaller inner portion. Not sure if that helps.

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