Help with "Street" Spiderman Cosplay


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Help with "Street" Spiderman Cosplay

Hi guys I was wondering If anyone could help me ir give me suggestions on how to make this cosplay, since I don't have a great body-type I wanted to try to pull off this cosplay

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I'm thinking of getting a red & black varsity Since It's hard to find a red and black hoodie
Yeah that's a really detailed jacket so you'd probably need a custom job to get it just like that one. Other than that, it's basically just the elbow and knee pads, maybe some soccer pants for the bottom? I found these on google for the feet:

You can probably just get a spandex mask from the company that makes morphsuits (or just look on ebay). Look around for some goggles, i've seen some for swimming that are mirrored from nike and speedo.
And you can try making tasm 1 webshooters since they also have a cuff design.
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