Help with some monster feet?


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Hi all.
Was hoping someone could give me some pointers to a pair of decent rubber/latex feet?
They could be regular or monster or zombie one's, but they need to slip onto my feet and - most importantly - not be the blocky, almost Frankestiens boots shaped type.
I'm after something that'll look like real feet and not something i'm wearing over my shoes.
Any idea?


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i found these for a costume ( took the fur off) try google'ing monster feet in halloween/fancy dress shops, if you have the money the prosthetic limb companies do realistic ones



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I found some that you may be interested in:
*I'm not sure whether of not these go over shoes. It doesn't specify.
*These are the same ones that "gothic" had replied with. I saw that he hadn't put the link to get them so here it is.
If you have any interest in making them yourself I would recommend a shoe like this as a base:

Hope this helps!