Help with sledgehammer prop


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Hi, I am going to a con this summer and for my cosplay I need to make a sledgehammer prop. I am not sure what material would be the best for making the metal part of the hammer, since I obviously cannot bring a weapon made of metal to the con.
On their webpage they recommend using materials such as jackofoam, which I am considering using. The thing with jackofoam is that I have never used it before and I am unsure how to use it, also I do not know if it easily get dented.
Is jackofoam an okay material for this or are there any other, better, materials I should rather use?


PVC pipe, Pipe insulation, DAP contact cement, A yoga block for the head, Plastidip. Look the Plasti Dip artists group up on facebook and read through the FAQ. If you have questions we can probably answer them there

Crimson Prime

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I made a sledgehammer a while ago for an abandoned project, for the head I cut two octagons the size I wanted the faces of the hammer from foam board then stuck strips the width of the sides on and filled with expanding foam, lightweight and sol;id.
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