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I have decided to make a “Pirate Short Film” over the next 5 months and am looking into different ways to incorporate models into the film. I have a plan to composite and use CG a healthy amount in the film to create scale, and film actors on bluescreen as well as on location using set extension.

I would appreciate any tips or helpful resources about paints and painting Scale Model Ships. Or if anyone is in the LA area and HAS a scale ship model or any other cool period pieces from that time we should talk.

My decision to make this film is based on the fact that I haven‘t found too many Pirate shorts that impress me or create a sense of scale, and would like to remedy that. Most of the film takes place on land, but there are a couple sequences with naval ships. We have done some location scouting and the course of action is to pre-vis the entire film with a virtual production approach, and shoot all the live photography last. I really would prefer to make models as much as possible as opposed to fully CG
There are a few modeling sites that have extensive ship building threads and information.
It's a bit of a rabbit hole on how far you want to go.

Fine Scale Modeler
Model Warships
Brit Modeller
Model Ship World.
to name a few

For accurate age of sail colors Shipways Historical ship paints are available at MicroMark.

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