Help with LR223 Imperial Probe Droid Pod


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Dude, I have plans to make raw copies. I haven't had time to order the materials and get started on all the donor casting but once I do, I can hook you up. Of course, if you can find them somewhere else before I can make them, grab em, I'm still gonna make copies anyways.



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Red part from the Tamiya 1/12th Ferrari 312B



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Cut from the front nose cone. Think i may have a casting or two Flint, there not great, but workable, i gave out the best of the bunch to other buddies, but if you can fix it up and cast five, i think i can hook you up!


Boba Flint

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Lee, Scott,
Thanks for your offer. I was hoping to buy a set of casts. I'm really trying to avoid molding and casting. Just not in the mood, you guys know what I mean. I know you all have been there. :)
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