help with last detail of 1940 Flash Gordon gun


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Hi All -

Im almost done with a 1940 Flash Gordon gun (as seen in the link below), Buster/Annex/Annex - Crabbe, Buster (Flash Gordon)_05.jpg

2 details I cant figure out are - In the later serials, the gun in similar, but it seems to have a trigger button - The 1940 one doesnt LOOK like it does, but Im not sure (My DVD isnt the best quality)

Anyone know if one exists?

Also - The main body of the gun - On top there is a tube that goes horizontal to the body (The tube with the smaller tube coming out of the front, that attaches to the front of the gun -)

Is that attached to the main body of the gun, or is there space between the top of the gun and the bottom of the tube? - I hope thats clear - hard to explain -

Im trying to make it 1:1 scale, just using my hand for size reference - As far as I know, The real prop is gone (I looked online and in Bob Burns book and didnt see it)

I chose this one because I liked the way the barrel looks - The later ones arent as elaborate!

Thanks in advance!

I watched those and although similar, that is the Flash Gordon / Mars gun -

I dont THINK the 1940 gun had a trigger button in the back - - for some reason there is no replica love for this gun out there that I can see for reference :)
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