Help with Han solo carbonite face sculpt


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I have always wanted a Han in carbonite either on a door or a free standing/hanging piece, but the prices of the castings and import duties and freight have always discouraged me, So I have started to sculpt my own, starting with the face. I have not sculpted anything of size for 20 years or more so sort of starting from scratch.

While looking for references I started to notice major differences in the castings shapes and in some cases little details. This has lead me to wonder, is there more than one screen used casing out there? I always though there was just one. Or are there castings of replicas out there being sold as castings of original screen used molds? Anyone know?

Some casts for sale are as misshapen as smashed pumpkins while others seem to be pulled of Harrison fords face yesterday.

Below is were I am at so far. I have painted with dark gray to help look for major differences, and I see some clearly already, Are there any good reference photos out there of the one displayed at the Star wars exhibitions which I assume is an original, or should I be looking elsewhere for ESB reference?

Thanks for the advice in advance.



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