Help with Green lanturn ring.

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Hello all,

I've been racking my brain on how to combine a stainless steel ring(See Pic) with some type of resin or epoxy and i'm not sure how it would stay on the ring. i'm thinking of trying to Fill the sides with clear green resin. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your expertise




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if i had to try and do this i'd mask off the inside of the ring with some tape...then slide it on a dowel rod that fits the ring tightly and pour the resin in one side and let it cure and then do the other and maybe the top also. after that slide the ring off the dowel and peel the tape off.

just an idea.


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If I understand correctly, you basically want to fill the gaps of the ring (the sides and the actual lantern opening) with green resin? If that's the case: Personally, I like ultraman's suggestion. The other way you could do it is way more complicated, but may yield exactly what you want. You could commission a 3D artist to replicate your ring in a 3D printable file, then send that file off to Shapeways (which should be pretty cheap given the size) and print it in a simple material. Once you have it in hand, use that as your "mold." You basically follow ultraman's suggestion, except now you don't have to worry about accidentally getting resin/epoxy on the ring itself. Once the resin/epoxy sets, you saw off the ring and file down the epoxy parts so that they are clean, then attach them to your stainless steel ring.


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I used loc-tite clear epoxy with glow in the dark dye to make solar powered arc reactors. You can use green glow in the dark dye with clear loc-tite to accomplish the same. It will charge up while outside then glow when indoors and better in the dark. Different dyes have different intensity and length of glow.

The glow in the dark dye can leave the resin partially will stay ichy slimey, so cover it with a thin layer of clear epoxy.

I would do one side at a time, left, right, then front.
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