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i searched the threads but didnt find anything more than projects relating to foam or glue. also tried google, but came up with modelling...
so what i am searching for is glue to use on foam sheets "fun foam" and foam core.
ive noticed that many of you use the fun foam sheets to layer detail onto the eva sheets. i tried using a craft glue that i found awesome for pepakura and card board, however it didnt do well on the foam.
also i am needing to glue together some foam core board and then glue the pieces to the eva sheets...
so any help with the types of glue you've used would be helpful, since i see that anything with a solvent or heat will ruin the piece.

oh also is it possible to heat and bend the foam core?

thanks guys.
I like Super Glue Gel for this kind of situation. Not the runny kind, the gel.

*edit -- This is for foam to EVA or EVA to EVA. Not sure on the foam core board to EVA.
I've never used "fun foam" but I've been able to get superglue to work pretty well on craft-foam (which I'm sure is the same thing). The only drawback is that superglue isn't really flexible. Hot glue would probably be your best bet, though. If nothing else, try Shoe Goo... I don't think it has any solvents, but I could be wrong. Shoe Goo would also allow you to glue the foamcore to EVA sheet.

As far as foamcore goes, I've had plenty experience with that. The best way to bend it is to score the back side with evenly spaced vertical cuts that are about 1/8", 1/4" or 1/2" apart (depending on how drastic the bend is). If you want it to hold the bend on its own, tape a piece of carboard inbetween the bend and then squirt wood glue or hot glue along each grove that you scored, let it cure and then remove the cardboard.
hot glue gun. Cheaper than all other types of adhesive.
Contact cement like E6000 works well to but more labor intensive.
I'm very new to this costuming thing and have had lots of recent experiences with various glues, trying to find what was best for what job.
I agree with the superglue. I love superglue gel but it does get hard.
Although I haven't tried the flexible stuff yet.

The glue I'm finding invaluable is Evo Stik impact adhesive and it must be the one with the solvent, the solvent free one is completely useless.
I have a spray can of it and a 500ml can of the liquid. It's brilliant. I don't know what your foam core is but this glue is happily sticking my open cell packing foam to plastazote, EVA and neoprene.

i dont want to get into super glue, because of the amount that i would need. i think ill look into contact cement or maybe even the shoe goo.
Just throwing in my two cents here, don't ever use spray glue, the foam will remain tacky no matter what you do with it, learnt this the hard way :(
In my experience working with foam sleeping mats and noodle foam floats, I found contact cement works very well but there is a period of waiting 5 to 10 mins of drying before attaching both pieces together. Next best thing for me was hot glue but depending on the amount of heat could do 1 or 2 things. For one, if the glue was not hot enough you will eventually loose adhesion and find yourself reglueing. If the glue gets to hot it will melt the foam on contact and at times deform the foam piece as well, but, there is a definate guarantee of adhesion. With 2 types of guns I found myself switching back and forth with heat settings or unplugging and replugging to get the proper heat.

I haven't worked with eva so I don't know if it will melt as much as the sleeping mats or the noodle floats did. Good luck.
I personally wouldn't use superglue with foam core. I'm pretty sure that if it touches the foam it will eat right through it. I've always glued foam core in one of two ways:

A: Double sided tape. - Instant fix, and reasonably strong. The only problem can be the thickness of the tape, and cutting it to fit the required edge.

B: PVA/wood glue. - This is perfect for foam core, although needs a little patience for drying. the best way to apply the PVA is to water it down a little bit and make a foil 'trough' for it to lie in. You can the dip your foam core into it (this is when gluing edges) and get a perfect even amount of glue on the edge. PVA holds really well, and if you are careful it will do the job perfectly.

As for bending foam core, this can also be done, but will leave only one surface looking pristine. Foam core has a natural 'grain' to it, and will bend one way easier than another, so make sure you experiment with that first. Now, to bend it, cut one of the faces off the foam core and burnish the exposed foam with a dull knife in vertical streaks. You can then bend the foam core and glue it in position with a graceful curve on the display side. Architectural models are often built by utilising this method. It is easy and looks great. Remember too that you can always hide the foam joints by cutting the foamcore with mitred edges, or a similar joint.

Hope this helps :)
ok, so the general answer is to use evo stick for the foam sheets, if i can find it here...
however with the foam board, you will melt it with heat and solvents.... so i still need something for that so that i can finish off my backpack and start my helmet.
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