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I need some help... I saw you guys making cool and awesome foam stuff, so I went to go try it. My parents let me do it, but I have to use up the creative craft foam before we get new, better foam... It seems to thin to build anything OP, so I thought of building a sort of armor... now i just need some suggestions :behave:behave

Diff colors to show how thing it is...


This is how big it is (12in x 18in)


Thanks :)
Well what are you interested in? Iron Man? Batman? Star Wars? Any other type of suit/armour that could be used out of foam. I say do some movie that you really enjoy. There are alot of Iron Man pepakura files to be found on this site that you can use to make stencils for then cutting out the foam. If it is your first foam build you can try doing something simple to just get a hang of it. Hope to see what you do.
ok then.... I heard the foam I have is the kind that keeps heat... so I would be sweating bucket loads.... lol

I'm prob going to try to build a vest of some sort that would be easy to get in and out of. maybe ill post it on here :)
Hi Jason,
If its a first time project for you, maye you should learn more about Pepakura, check out this link
A lot of armor type costumes seem to grow from here on the cheap. Besides sculpting, molding and casting. Pepakura can be done in chipboard or paper then you think about gluing that foam onto it, or backing or sealing the paper with some resin and finishing it.

Using heavy chipboard or paper stock is cheaper to learn with. You just need paper, tape and scissors, and an idea!
good luck.
Well, I made a fail Iron Man helm out of cardstock, tape, and acrylic paint. It came out pretty well considering that I can't really cut or paint...

I'll post some pics when I get back... :darnkids:darnkids
jasonta - YES, that kind of foam retains heat like crazy. Honestly, I think any closed-cell foam will do that. I don't know if the EVA foam (like yours but thicker) builds of Iron Man and the like use the EVA for the helmet construction, but I would imagine it would be dangerously hot if they did, and would need ventilation if not an internal fan.
See... this is what happens when you aren't artistic enough.... (just the cardstock, paint, and tape. NO FOAM :love)




I cut the back because I couldn't fit my head in, and I didnt know to cut off the little layer in the back...

Man, when I was your age people would've thought I was a costuming GOD if I'd done that papercraft IM helmet - it's not as bad as you think it is, looks like mostly the curvature of the faceplate's forehead needs work; bringing the "wings" together with the center strip should do most of the correction all on its own.

At any rate, I've never even done pep but it seems to be the theme around here that pep is a try-and-try-again kind of medium, making it a little better each round until you have a piece that fits perfectly and you can start fortifying it.

Good luck! You're off to a good start, promise!
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