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Hey all,

Been a long time lurker on the forums, but I've finally found the need to come forth and hopefully pick some of your brains.

I have a costume I finished awhile ago, a Warhammer Eldar Ranger - however, I've decided I want to start upgrading it since I've learned quite a bit since I started. The first piece I want to replace is the long rifle (which looks sort of like this:

My current one is a modified nerf blaster; doesn't look too bad but I feel I can do better, so I'm going to build it from scratch out of primarily EVA foam (since I've found it's the easiest to work with.) Since Eldar weapons are very flow-y and smooth edges/bevels, I can dremel/sand it down to get a nice, similar shape.

My play is to start with insulation (pink) foam, about 3/4in thick as a solid core and then layer EVA foam on either side. However, I'm going through a bit of a problem in my head regarding the barrel.

The issue is my current rifle I installed a PVC screw connector to the gun and the barrel so it can be removed - this is great as it allows me to break down a 5-foot long gun in half, which is easier to store/transport. It worked great because I could screw the connector into the solid plastic nerf gun.

However, I'm worried that by doing the same thing here, the only things the connector will be attached to is some pink foam and eva foam (Using a PVA pipe for the barrel). I'm concerned that the torque from screwing it on/off might eventually split the foam or break the connector free. As an alternative, I could also replace the foam with some 6mm MDF but I'd rather use the foam if possible as I have some extra that's just enough (so I can get rid of it without tossing it out) and I live in an apartment, so I'm limited in terms of larger cutting tools.

What I'm picking your guys' brain for is if you think this is a valid concern or am I just being over-analytical of the build?

I've heard some people have done something similar but with pure EVA foam for the gun (with some wood dowels for core strength) and it seems to have been fine, but I figure this is because the EVA foam on it's own would probably have enough give that it wouldn't just rip it free).

Any help/opinions/theorycrafting would be most welcome.
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Just did a search for a project I want to start (Eldar Ranger) and this post popped up. Have you made any forward momentum with this?

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