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Hi folks

I am from Brazil and I would like very much to have a Darth Vader costume. I already have the Supreme edition mask. Is there a possibility to buy the rest of the costume or they only sell the complete costume?
Thank you


Most Vaders buy parts and. Pieces from different vendors. Watch this forumn for occasional sales, and of consider posting a request in the new members wanted to buy forum if that applies.

If you are looking for screen accuracy I would also suggest that you head over to the 501st sith lords forum ( ) where you will find tons of resources for Vader.

Hope this helps ;)
I second that Idea. The 501st Sith lords detachment is full of alot of great info. Though there is a few things you need to take into account. If you are looking for screen accruate costume for vader that is going to run into the thousands of dollars. Also it is a very hot hot costume, so if you are like me and do not tolerate heat very well then you might want to re-consider. I do not mean to try and persuade you to not do the costume, just pointing out somethings that need to be considered.
I made mine a few years ago, so I can help you if you would like. Can you sew, or do anything "craft"-y?
My friends

Thank you a lot for all your advices and hints. Actually I am not looking for a 100% accurate costume (I know it would be very expensive). I just would like to have a good one and a less expensive as possible. I have already seen in many costume stores that there is a licensed supreme costume that costs around $ 600. Do you know this costume? It looks very good for me but the problem is to find a place that accept send it to Brazil. My idea was to buy it in parts, for example, I buy first the armor, than the boots, etc... Is there a place that sells it?
Hi Malito.

The costume you refer to is made by Rubies. While it is not an accurate costume it is complete in the box and would probably serve your purpose. Besides the innaccuracies and light weight of the materials (cape,etc) the bodysuit is a synthetic material (polyester maybe) which gets very hot very fast. But again, if all u want is a quick Vader likeness you would be ok.

If you think you would want to be more accurate later, my only warning would be that almost none of the parts are useable as is and in the long run you would spend more money and a lot of time trying to upgrade it. Just a caution.

As an out of the box darth Vader though there really is no other option.

Check Halloween stores or eBay for shipping? I do not know off hand of anyone that specifically ships to you.

I hope this helps you.
It's not uncommon for people to buy the Rubie's supreme costume as a starter and upgrade it piece by piece (and sell off the old pieces). It could be worth keeping an eye on eBay as I have seen chest armour, chest boxes, shin armour and once even an undersuit, all from the Rubie's costume, pop up from time to time. Alternately there are a few websites out there dedicated to making a Vader costume on the cheap. Check this guy out Vader Maker Australia - Making a Darth Vader Costume
Trust me, while the Rubie's is an ok costume to start with it'll bug you after a while as it's not at all accurate and made of cheap plastic. It took me about a year to complete my Vader, it was more expensive than the Rubie's but I'm 98% ok with it at the moment and people are really impressed as it's really looking like Vader, not just a costume.

So, if you need a party costume, get the Rubie's as it's easy to get and fun to wear I guess, but if you're thinking gettin something special join the propden and see what great props are out there. It'll take time to complete a Vader and you'll probably never be finished but it's A LOT of fun!

Oh, and think about what version you want to get. All 4 Vaders are different. The Rubie's is a weird mix of OT (Mask) ant PT (rest).
Hi folks

I am from Brazil and I would like very much to have a Darth Vader costume. I already have the Supreme edition mask. Is there a possibility to buy the rest of the costume or they only sell the complete costume?
Thank you


Francamente, Mauro, fazer uma roupa do Vader decente com a Máscara Supreme é no mínimo uma contradição em termos! A possibilidade de isso dar certo é mínima! Vamos fazer assim - vamos conversar no MSN para eu te dar uma mão com ela. Meu MSN é e meu e-mail é .

Just offering the man a hand, he´s from my country, folks!

Move along, move along :)
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