Help with a weapon in Robocop.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by _Lee_, Jun 10, 2006.

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    I just watched Robocop for the first time in ages,and whilst watching the bit where a the guy robs the store i noticed that the weapon he was using was very similar to a Sterling which as we all know was the basis for the ANH blaster.The magazine was longer and the barrel seems to have an extension,but i just wanted to ask you guys and see if i was right :confused

    Also,was there an accurate airsoft version of the Robocop gun that is good for display or would i be better using a kit,as i would like one for display?
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    man i havent seen that in a while but i vaugley remember the scene, you might be right.

    L2A3 sterlings were used in MANY movies, in the begigning of the first exorcist the guys are carrying them, noticed that recently, and yeah the original guns had long bannana clips, the small clips you are used to seeing are the ones for paratroopers that had small clips with just a few rounds.

    as for the barrel being longer, i dont know... maybe someone will pop in with a screen cap?

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    It was the semi-auto civilian version made for the U.S. market. It had an extended barrel to comply with the BATF regulations on barrel length. If you watch tv shows, and movies from the same time period you will also see H&k MP 5's, and Uzi's with long barrels also.

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    i always wondered if that big giant gun, the rifle at the end, had an official "real world" counterpart.

    i forget the name of it in the film (its been a while) but it had the giant flash suppressor on the end. it looked a LOT like a .50 sniper weapon.

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    It's a Barrett M82A1 .50 rifle
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    wow... that would explain why it looked like a sniper rifle :lol

    after a quick search, i could not find a single airsoft replica (or replica in general) that was anywhere NEAR a decent price range for a generic dust catcher. everything was between 1200-1500 bucks.

    thats pretty much half the cost of one that fires actual rounds :lol

    man.... cool gun but i think itll be a while before i get a replica of it.

    thanks for the info..
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    It's a hoot to shoot.. :D

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