HELP!!! Wild force or dino thunder black ranger helmet!!


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Hello everyone, does anyone know where I can find the dino thunder or wild force black ranger helmet? I cannot find them anywhere and I really want to make these costumes! Right now I am making the white ranger helmet, and it is pretty challenging lol. If anyone can help that would be awesome and maybe I can share some of the files I have found with you all!
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Hey There,

You can buy a Dino Thunder Black from Aniki here It will take 4-6 months to get it and cost you over $400 bucks though. I don't know of another prop maker that does Black Wild force. I have not seen any Dino Thunder Kits and if they are out there, I suspect that they are just recasts of Aniki's although I did see one guy making kits out of Pep files on facebook He might be able to help. I'm building a Green Ranger costume myself and I have a thread going here.

I'll be 3d printing mine and going all in on accuracy and craftsmanship so if you have any questions about that process, let me know or send me a PM.

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