HELP! UD Replicas Captain America Glove sizing

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by merkymerx, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm in the process of making a 1:1 scale replica display of the TFA Captain America suit. Trying to base everything off of the screen used suit's measurements.

    Going to order a set of Capt. America gloves from UD Replicas. I'm not quite sure what size I should get. Currently my two options are a Medium and a Large. Right now I'm leaning towards Large as recommended by sleeprfocus. I'd like to get more opinions about this before I go and order them.

    Here's a photo from the UD Replicas website


    Was hoping that David himself could help me out with it as I'm thinking he might have had access to the screen used suit. He hasn't been able to answer my question on his thread though. But I completely understand as I'm sure he's super busy. :)

    Wish I could give them a call though but I'm not sure that's going to be easy as I'm currently in the Philippines.

    Click here to view the size chart

    Any help would be much appreciated. I don't know a lot of 6 foot tall people with a build similar to Evans haha.

    Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
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    They have a size chart on their website for the gloves - measure your hand around the knuckles - the measurement in inches will be the glove size.

    I wouldn't expect these to be that screen accurate. they're made as motorcycle suits & should conform to safety standards - not screen accuracy.

    Although they do look great.
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    If you're going to wear them then use the size chart for your hand size and proper fit.
    Otherwise, for a mannequin I'd say Medium...unless you have a larger build mannequin, then go with the Large.

    Sorry for the delay in responding...and just to add, the gloves are bang on accurate....our reference for this entire suit was rather remarkable, so other than using leather for the base of the jacket and pants, the entire suit is accurate in detail.:cool
    Gloves, boots and belt were originally leather so we did not change a thing. :thumbsup

    Hope that helps!

  4. NuRF

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    I considered ordering a pair for my costume display. And hearing David comment on the accuracy of them, I'm near enough sold.
  5. merkymerx

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    I did check the size chart already. I won't be the one wearing the costume though. I don't have any friends who have a similar height and build to Chris Evans as well. I could try and look for a mannequin and measure its hands, but I'd like to get an opinion on what the closest size to what Chris Evans wore is if possible :)

    I'm choosing to get them as they're the most accurate pair made to match the TFA suit. They're the best gloves around that I could just buy. I'm really happy with what UD Replicas is offering :D
  6. merkymerx

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    No worries David! And thanks for taking the time to reply! After I finished typing in my comment, you and NuRF suddenly posted haha!

    I'll be using them for a mannequin. The place to get the mannequins is quite far from where I live so I thought of asking first on what size I should get. So when I'm there, I know what to look for already. But if it will really depend on what its hand size is, then I guess I have to measure it first. But thank you for your input :)

    I really love the look of your gloves. I'm glad to finally be able to order something from you guys! Glad to hear from you that they're accurate! The rest of the suit is so amazing as well! My favorite among the stuff you've released.

    I first considered having a pair made. Since I can't sew and the leatherworkers that I know of don't pay much attention to accuracy, then it'll probably cost me more money and more headaches haha! So I think if gloves is what you need, then David's is the best way to go :D
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    I would go Medium, mannequins have small hands, I have many mannequins including 6.2" tall and they have small hands, I have my Batman forever display and got Med gloves, looks perfect.

  8. merkymerx

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    Thank you for your input! I checked out a number of store display windows on the way to work and noticed that all of the mannequins do have pretty small hands. :)

    I went ahead and ordered a size M just now.

    Thanks for all the help everyone!

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