Help the New Guy =) - how to build a Magneto helmet?


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So I am new to the whole prop building field. I have always loved it and I am finally at the point in my life where I can afford to start doing all the projects I have wanted to. My first is working on a Magneto Helmet from the First Class movie. I know how I want to go about doing it. I have a base helmet that I am going to build on and go from there. My main question at this time is this.

Firstly, what material should I use to build up on it? Cardboard, foam board, something I don't know about, etc?

And from there, what kind of filler should I use to fill in all the gaps that will be left behind to make it look like one solid piece? I am guessing it should be something that can be sanded and painted (duh of course) but that is about all I got.

Any advice for this noob would be super appreciated! =D
Re: Help the New Guy =)

well the real ? Is do you plan on casting off it.

if not. I would suggest working in clay to really get the look you want.

far as hole filling. Bondo is a pretty standard choice around here.
Re: Help the New Guy =)

well the real ? Is do you plan on casting off it.

if not. I would suggest working in clay to really get the look you want.

far as hole filling. Bondo is a pretty standard choice around here.

I agree, clay is a material that is quick to build up and shape with. You have to have some artistic talent in order to shape and proportion it correctly. If you dont think you can sculpt clay effectively then look into Pepakura, as there are already Magneto helmets floating around. I'd say Pepakura is good for beginners.

Bondo is a good filler after you already have your basic shape, and drywall spackle is good for patching.

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Re: Help the New Guy =)

First advice I have to give is that a quick search for helmet build will bring up a few results, there are a few Magneto builds out there, as are the many Pepakura threads. A great build thread is the "Stormtrooper helmet for 10 GBP" thread, a few pages back, extensive coverage of building a helmet from leftover cardboard.

Second advice I have to give is to be as specific as possible with your thread titles. You will get more attention for the subject, and other people with a similiar project will be able to find your thread as a point of reference.

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Re: Help the New Guy =)

I really appreciate all the help. Some great advice here that I will definitely use on multiple projects.

One further question from your responses. I have looked into pepakura and light it. but I would also like to try sculpting on some other projects. Any advice on what kinda of clay i should use?
Try chavant NSP medium if you want to then mold with platinum silicones (such as rebound 25 from smooth-on), otherwise, you can use wed clay ;) I tried the NSP from chavant, from soft to hard, i think the best one is medium if you're thinking about a helmet with few details. If you need to sculpt lots of them, go for the hard one ;)
I'm sure master sculptors here will be of more help, but I think you can start with what I told you ;)
i know that this is done so many times, but cardboard is really the perfect starter material. if you want to cast from it you can, if you want to build a one off piece, you still can. plus the currogation allows for some pretty round parts when you press against it a bit
Definately use Bondo( or P38 over this side of the water) for filling. Its strong and relatively light, also you can work if just before it gets hard (about 5-7mins) with a scalpel or something similar. It really saves on sanding!

If you do decide to make it out of pepakura, Dung0beetle has a decent version on his site. Its not totally screen accurate so once you resin it up, make all the alterations then.

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