HELP - The Amazing Spider-Man MASK Replica

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    Hi everyone,

    Recently, my buddy and I had come up with the idea that it may be fun to tackle "The Amazing Spider-Man" suit from the upcoming film. I have never actually made a costume before, but I feel the need to OWN this "new" suit.

    Our idea was to start from scratch (with us both being semi-talented artists). A couple of days ago, I noticed MCL34N's replica Spidey mask and I purchased a meter of lycra/spandex, along with 3-Dimensional paints. It's not that we can't come up with a decent looking pattern, it's just that we simply cannot begin to wrap our heads around how you would divide the material into sections (like MCL34N). Here is a link to MCL34N's masterpiece (along with pics).

    By the way, I've only just signed up for the RPF, so if I don't know how to properly manage a thread, I apologize. Also, I'm creating this thread from a mobile device. :/

    Anyway, I'd appreciate the help. All we need to know (at the moment) is how to tackle the MASK. Anything printable would be great.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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