Help sewing this spider man mask pattern


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so this is the pattern and I don't know how to sew it


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First cut out a couple of copies of your pieces on similar weight/stretch fabric so you can practice. Since it sounds like you are new to this, first try just pinning the pieces together following the suggestions below so you understand how things should fit. Also you can first baste the pieces together - sew with long stitch lengths that will be easier to take apart if you make an error. It you baste with a contrasting color thread it will be easy to see how your sewing is going and also to find the thread to clip and remove later.

Starting with the front or face, there appears to be 3 darts. Places where you need to stitch curved lines to turn the flat fabric to fit a 3D head. One at each ear and one at the chin. Taking one at a time, fold the fabric so the "right" or top side of the fabric lies over itself and the edges of the dart align. Pin them together to hold them before you stitch. Then sew, following the edge from the outside edge, and parallel to adjacent edge. Stitch until you reach what you believe to be the end of that line. Most commercial patterns use a 5/8 inch or 1 cm seam allowance but if this was not give you may need to experiment. The good news is if you first start with a smaller seam allowance like 1/4 “ you can easily increase and try again. It is a lot more work if you first guess too large and have to rip the seam out and start again. The end of each dart will probably end the same allowance away (i.e. 5/8 inch). Examine the print lines on the fabric to see where the end of the stitch line will make sense.

I would next stitch the two back pieces together along what will be the center back (of the neck) seam. Then match the center of the back subassembly to the center of the “face” again "right sides" of both together, pin and stitch from one side of the back assembly to the other. Try it on and see how things are going and how they fit. It things seem okay match, pin and stitch each side into place. Hope this helps.

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